From #MannequinChallenge to #ReadingChallenge



I am an Elementary Special Education Teacher, a loving wife, and of course, a mommy of 4 growing, energetic, and incredibly funny boys. There ages are:

12, 8, 7, and 3 !!


From #mannequinchallenge to #readingchallenge

Everyone has seen the viral videos floating around social media of people, schools, celebrities, even Hilary Clinton participating in the Mannequin Challenge. Well, its time to put away the fad and pick up a book.

In ewwvery tiresome attempt to be “Wonder Mommy-Teacher-Woman,” I take the time to read to my kids as much as I can. I teach some rambunctious elementary students. The saying, “I  to read” rarely comes out of any of their mouths. However, I want to raise the bar and do a #readingchallenge. Not just for my students, but my kids, also. We are going to read a book and I’m going to have my kids do a fun and creative, visual book report for the Hotlanta Mommy Blog readers and post it.

I challenge you to do the same! Let’s end the #mannequinchallenge and start the #readingchallenge !

Please join in with the #readingchallenge and make it go VIRAL!


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