Reading is Rewarding 

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!”   ~Dr. Suess

In my earlier post, From #MannequinChallenge to #ReadingChallenge, I challenged every parent and child to read. I accepted the challenge and here is my update.

WARNING: This is a video of Matthew “reading” his book. Believe me it is raw and uncut! But I think it’s too adorable not to share.

Children who are read to at home have a higher success rate in school.

My other children were invited to come to school on Saturdays for a Literacy Boot Camp. The reading program is for the grades Kindergarten through Second. During the Literacy Boot Camp, they will work on phonics and various reading strategies while incorporating technology. Honestly speaking, I am NOT a morning person, especially without my coffee; therefore, I hated to have to get up Saturday morning, put on clothes, and drive to their school. However, reading is extremely important to me, so I grabbed my coffee, threw on some sweats and was out the door…on time! It was so worth it! Let me tell you, they loved it! My boys came back home so excited about what they have done and what they have read and learned. I had to reward them!


This is an exciting time in my children’s academic career!  Kindergarten through 2nd  are grades where they learn how to read and 3rd through 5th is the time they will read to learn.

I encourage you to spread the love of reading.

Read your kids and have them read to you!





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