The Night Before Valentine’s Day

Last Minute Momma Chronicles:

The Missing Piece of Candy

It’s the night before Valentine’s Day and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Correction. All the kids were stirring, even my hubby.  OMG! I think I just grew 3 new grey strands of hairs! The kids needed a bath, homework needed to be completed, the house needed to be cleaned, dishes were left in the sink, and Valentine’s Day cards needed to be signed, sealed, with candy on top.


In the midst of  writing “Happy Valentine’s Day ” on countless cards and trying to get the kids to bed, I started to get a little munchy. The candy looked really, REALLY good.  I thought, “Self, You deserve one piece of candy. You worked hard tonight!” I ate a piece of candy and continued to write out “Happy Valentine’s Day” on each card, attaching an Air Head candy on the back of each stuffed envelope.

At last, one more card then I will be done!!

Unfortunately, I was one candy short for the last Valentine’s Day card. How’s that for irony?


I guess I should not have eaten that ONE  piece of candy.

Last Minute Mommy Lesson: Don’t go into the kids stash…have your own special goodies.

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